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Printing A5 or smaller copies of Flyers

Sometimes half sized versions of flyers are wanted for handing out. Unfortunately it is not straightforward to produce two of these per sheet. The following instructions assume the flyer is a single page document in pdf format and the system is Windows. If the document is more than one page long it is possible to produce multiple copies of the pages in any order using a trick described below for producing A6 sheets.

To get a pdf version of a flyer press [PDF] in 'Notice [PDF]' and save it. Pressing 'Notice' gives a html version for quick display on the web instead.

The easiest way to do this is by producing a version with two copies using a PDF merge applicatio on the web

  • Search online for 'Merge PDF' and choose one of them - Adobe, iLovePDF or Smallpdf for instance
  • Drop in the pdf file twice to get two copies
  • Download the result, you can either print from this direct or save it to disk
  • In the print dialog select Multiple
  • In the pages per sheet press custom and select 2
  • Set copies to only half the number of A5 copies required as it is counting pages

For four A6 flyers instead of two a5 one can either merge 4 copies as above or else set pages to 1,1,1,1 with the version with two copies. Multiple should be selected as above but the pages per sheet should be set to 2 by 2.

Unfortunately putting in 1,1 in pages to produce two A5 pages does not work if the document only has one page.

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