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Early Clubs in the Area

History of the branch

There has been organised Scottish Country Dancing in the area for many years. Amongst the organisations and clubs that formed in the earlier days were the Scots’ Society of St. Andrew Slough (1933), Reading St Andrew’s SCD Society (1949), Maidenhead SD Club (1951), Farnham SCD Club (1954), and the Camberley Reel Club (1960).  Many other clubs have since been formed in the area.

Branch history itself can be traced back to an evening in 1976, when, after a local dance, a group of five dancers - Bruce and Valerie Frazer, Mike and Ann Smith, and Peter Edwards - met for coffee. At that meeting, the idea of forming a local branch was conceived. It was envisaged that the branch would act as a focal point for all the clubs in the area, and provide graded classes for those who might want them.

The Branch was officially registered on 30th September 1977. Mike Smith was appointed caretaker chairman, with Peter Edwards as secretary, until the first AGM which was held in May 1978. At that meeting, Enid Woollett was elected as Chairperson. By the time the Branch was registered, there were 14 clubs and several classes in the area. The same clubs survive today with healthy memberships.

In the early days, it was Peter Edwards who worked hard to inaugurate the Branch, and Bob Glover whose efforts initiated the Branch Ball. Over the years, many office bearers and members have served on the committee, giving their much-valued time and energy. We should give thanks to all those who worked hard in the early days, and also to those who have kept it running efficiently ever since.

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