Why EVERY Scottish Country Dancer should be a MEMBER of RSCDS
(Royal Scottish Country Dance Society)
In ten years the RSCDS membership has dropped by over 5,000.
Please consider joining, here are some good reasons:
Scottish Country Dancer published twice
yearly, received by every member.
12 Coates Crescent, Edinburgh,
home to RSCDS. If it wasn’t for the
Society we probably wouldn’t be
dancing today.
The RSCDS publishes books and cds which it
sells from its shop as well and other
useful items for the Scottish country dancer.
Members receive a 10% discount.
Reduced entrance fees for
members to Branch balls, day
schools and dances.
As a member you are helping to
preserve an important aspect of
Scottish culture.
Other reasons for joining are:
Access to members’ area of RSCDS website and
contact with dancers around the world.
Promotion of the Scottish country dance
tradition in schools in Scotland and among young people everywhere.
Provision of medal test to encourage young dancers and dancing achievement awards
for adult dancers to maintain a good standard of dancing.
Conserving the present and future existence of this form of dance.
PLEASE JOIN TODAY rscds-bhs.org.uk
St Andrews hosts the RSCDS Summer
School, which was started in 1927. Here is
the Younger Hall where dances take
place. Members attend Summer School at
a discounted rate.
Classes need teachers and musicians. Membership helps support the training of
teachers and musicians and is important work of the RSCDS.