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Dancers’ and Musicians’ Day School and Evening Dance

Medici Theatre, Weydon School, Weydon Lane, Farnham  GU9 8UG

Saturday 9th March 2024

Dancers’ Day School  10:30am – 6:00pm 
Musicians’ Day School  10:00am – 6:00pm 
Evening Dance  6:30pm – 10pm 

Dance TeachersKate Gentles (Cambridgeshire)
  Sarah Whillis (BHS)
Musician for dance classJeremy Hill (London/Herts)
Musicians’ TutorIan Robertson (Buckinghamshire)

Full details are included in the application forms.

Please fill in and return one of the application forms below with fee to attend

Application form for Dancers [PDF] [Word]

Application form for Musicians [PDF] [Word]

For the Evening Dance please use the Day School Dancers Application form.

Flyers: Day School for Dancers & Musicians [PDF] and

Evening Dance programme

Google map: Medici Theatre, Weydon School, Weydon Lane, Farnham  GU9 8UG

Enquiries for dancers: Elaine Best, 0‌7‌729 368419.

Enquiries for musicians: Millie Crowhurst, 0‌7‌910 340346.

Please contact enquiries for questions about Scottish Dancing in the area.

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