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Dancers’ and Musicians’ Day School and Evening Dance

Court Moor School, Spring Woods, Fleet  GU52 7RY

Saturday 10th March 2018

Day School  10:30am – 5:30pm 
Evening Dance  6:30pm – 10pm 

Dancers’ TeachersAndrew Nolan (Edinburgh)
Annette Owen, John Fletcher & Alan Davis (Border Branch)
Musicians’ TeacherIan Robertson
Musician for Andrew’s classesKen Martlew

Full details are included in the application forms.

Please fill in and return one of the application forms below with fee to attend

Application form for Dancers: PDF, Word

Application form for Musicians: PDF, Word

For the Evening Dance please use the Day School Dancers Application form.

Flyers: Day School for Dancers & Musicians and Dance after the Day School

Evening Dance programme: cribs and videos and MiniCrib (Word)

Google map: Court Moor School, Spring Woods, Fleet  GU52 7RY

Enquiries for dancers: Catherine Smith, 01483 502422.

Enquiries for musicians: Chris Brown, 01252 674708.

Beginners’ session on Steps and Basic Figures

There will be an afternoon class for beginners from 2.00pm-4.00pm with John Fletcher. This class is for people who have been dancing regularly for less than a year.. Attention will be given to the steps and basic formations. It is followed by cake and refreshments, and you are welcome to try the free session of Old Time, Sequence & Ceilidh from 4.15pm–5.30pm with Alan Davis. Please apply using the Application form for dancers.

The Evening Dance is not suitable for beginners.

Dancers’ Day School

Dancers should have a reasonable knowledge of most steps and formations and be able to follow instructions with confidence.

There is a General class in the morning from 11.00am-1.00pm with Andrew and Ken.

There are separate classes in the afternoon from 2.00pm-4.00pm; an Advanced class with Andrew and Ken, and an Improvers class with Annette. On the advice of the teacher, dancers may be allocated to the most appropriate class.

The day school is followed by Tea and home-made cakes from 4.00pm–6.00pm. Day school or Evening Dance attendees may also take one of two free classes during this time. Putting on a Demonstration with Andrew from 4.30pm–5.45pm is for advanced dancers and numbers are limited. A session of Old Time, Sequence & Ceilidh from 4.15pm–5.30pm will be taken by Alan Davis.

Morning enrolment and coffee 10.30am-11.00am. Bring a packed lunch if attending all day - tea and coffee will be provided, or there are local pubs.

Musicians’ Day School

The musician’ day school is suitable for musicians aged 14 and over with a minimum of Grade 4. There is a morning session from 11.00am-1.00pm and an evening session from 2.00pm-5.00pm, half-day is morning only.

It is hoped that the musicians will stay to join Ian Robertson in playing for the evening dance. Sheet music will be provided during February for preparation.

Tea and home-made cakes 5.00pm-6.00pm.

Morning enrolment and coffee 10.30am-11.00am. Bring a packed lunch if attending all day - tea and coffee will be provided, or there are local pubs.

Evening Dance

The Day School will be followed by an evening dance 6.30pm-10.00pm with Ian Robertson and the Day School Musicians. Non-Day School attendees are welcome to join the dance (all dances will be walked once). There will be light refreshments at the interval.

Please apply in advance using the Day School Dancers Application form above.

Cribs with diagrams and videos from SCDDB at RSCDS BHS 2018-03-10 Day School Dance

Andrew Nolan

Since learning to dance at a children's class in west London, Andrew's involvement in Scottish Country Dancing hasn't stopped since!

After moving to Edinburgh to study, Andrew gained his RSCDS Teaching Certificate in 2012 and has travelled across the globe to teach; from Canada in the west to Russia in the east as well as RSCDS Summer School in St Andrews and day schools throughout the UK. Andrew also developed a keen interest in Scottish music from childhood and regularly plays for classes, workshop and residential schools at home and abroad.

Ian Robertson

Ian was born and brought up in Buckinghamshire, England and comes from a family steeped in Scottish music. His great-grandmother was a fine pianist who is known to have accompanied James Scott Skinner in the late 1800s and his father led his own band for many years.

Classically trained, but with a lifelong passion for the fiddle, Ian has played with Scottish Dance Bands for many years, including 15 years leading his own band, Sound Company. Ian has been a regular guest at major festivals throughout the UK and Europe. In 2011 he competed in the Glenfiddich Fiddle Championships at Blair Castle.

After a break working overseas, Ian returned to the Scottish Dance scene in 2005 and now leads his band playing accordion. In recent years, he has been a regular at the RSCDS Winter School and has played for weekend schools and functions across the UK and Europe, as well as two visits to Canada and a tour of Australia.

Ian is an accomplished composer and in 2014 published “The Call of Home”, his first volume of compositions for fiddle and accordion.

In 2017, Ian recorded “Full Circle” with Muriel Johnstone as a companion CD to Roy Goldring’s dance collection “A Reel for Alice”.

Ken Martlew

Ken Martlew has been a semi-professional musician most of his life, mainly with church music and conducting choral societies. He read music at Oxford University for a year before switching to medicine. While a medical student he gained his (ARCO) diploma on the organ, conducted numerous choirs, and composed an opera which was successfully performed at the college.

Around 1980 he discovered Scottish Country Dancing, and became a keen dancer, gaining his RSCDS Teacher’s Certificate in 1993. He then started playing the piano for Scottish Country Dancing, giving up regular church and choral music commitments to concentrate on it. In 2002 he retired from his medical work as a GP in order to give more time to SCD.

Since 1994 Ken has been a frequent pianist at St. Andrews Summer School. He was Branch Pianist at Cambridge for 8 years, moving on to the Berks./Hants./Surrey Borders Branch, and he played for the London Advanced /Technique class for 15 years. He has taught or played for countless SCD events in the UK and in some 14 other countries. He has run SCD Music Workshops in Germany, France and Holland, danced with the London demonstration team, and tutored a successful RSCDS Teachers Certificate course.

Ken regularly teams up with Barbara Manning (or other violinists), to form a duo. The combination is versatile, as he can teach classes in the day accompanied by Barbara, and play as a duo for the evening Dances.